eMerge Services

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean for you to be completely digital?

You have access to your financials anywhere and everywhere at your fingertips. Check your cash flow on your cell or review your current financials on your computer.


Is it secure to be completely cloud based?

All of our cloud based applications make use of secure encrypted connections. Our promise to you is to stay active on the latest best practices and exceeding them to ensure your information is secure.


What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

You will always have access to your current financial position in real time. With online software, there is nothing to install and everything is backed up automatically.


Who will have access to your files?

We will provide you with your secure login information so you and whoever you provide the login information to will always have access to your documents and your files. Our staff will have access to your information as well to ensure we can provide you with the most efficient and timely service.