Matching a Bookkeeper and an Accountant for your Business

As a business owner you want to have a trusted set of individuals who are as invested and aware of your business as you are. An essential part of this group is a bookkeeper and an accountant, who will ideally work as a team to deliver you the best advice and service. Having a constant flow and comprehensive overview of your business’s finances comes from a seamless collaboration between bookkeeper and accountant. Firstly lets define these two positions:

Bookkeeper: “Is an administrative professional who follows a specific set of procedures or tasks related to the day-to-day financial management of a business, (source).” A bookkeeper is integral to the upkeep and management of invoicing, inventory, transactions, payroll, categorizing credit cards and daily expenses.

Accountant: “Is a specialized financial professional who handles higher level financial structuring and analysis for a business, (source).” An accountant is responsible for deferring revenue and expenses, maintaining financial statements, financial forecasts, financial reports, preparing tax documents and identifying profit-maximizing opportunities.

As you can witness these two positions are inherently linked and by working together can provide detailed insight into how your business is functioning day-to-day and also overall. You want to treat these individuals, as new business partners that you want to become trusted colleagues. Below are 2 tips you want to look for when shopping for a bookkeeper and an accountant:

Communication Style: When examining a bookkeeper and an accountant pairing communication is key. You want to ensure both parties are highly communicative and share a willingness to have open communication as a group. Whether this is through Skype, email or phone calls, having a clear idea of how often and when you are communicating is integral. “If you prefer email, make sure they respond to emails in a timely manner. If you prefer a phone call, make sure they're easy to reach on the phone (and are in a compatible time zone), (source).”


Similar Technology: This is a huge tip and can really make a difference when it comes to time management and overall effectiveness. You want to ensure your bookkeeper and accountant operates on compatible technology systems. You don’t want a disconnect between an individual that uses the latest technology and another who needs everything to be printed on paper. This doesn't have to mean they use the same software but you need to know that if you give them data they'll know what to do with it. The same technical proficiency is essential to the overall team working towards managing your business.

Overall finding a bookkeeper and an accountant that work seamlessly together is an integral part of your business. Having both parties be flexible and willing to work together can propel your business to reach it’s potential and also save you less financial headaches. Contact me for more information on what accountants I recommend and how I can help you take your business to the next level!